Erzetich Environs

My workshop is my haven of design, nature, and technology. Gazing from the windows my vision rests on trees, a meadow, and the rolling hills beyond – a designer and hand-crafter’s paradise. Beyond the treetops I am able to glimpse at an empty horizon flowing in to the nearby valley. From here I can walk, in just a few short minutes, in to the heart of a different world.

With the passing seasons I am able to watch the unfolding of nature and the variety in colour and form. Whether it’s a bleak grey rain-filled moody clouds, or the ochres and reds of Autumn, or the vibrant greens of summer, I feel my mood calmed and energised.

This is where I work. My design lair: my creative flow.

Erzetich Approach

I draw on my varied interests and diverse background to create objects of beauty that are both functional and design-led. With my experience in design, 3D, electronics, programming, music, audio and university teaching, I am able to lend a can-do attitude to a want-to approach. I am able to intertwine passion with knowledge, skills and creativity to bring you leading design products from a unique angle.

My past endeavours didn’t ignite my soul like Erzetich does. I would harness all knowledge and drive I could from them before reaching a stalemate on the continuum of life. I have broad passions and I needed to find a way to combine my different knowledge and skill bases with creativity and a good dose of fun. With Erzetich my products become my life puzzles: intertwining nature, electronics, creativity and function.

Erzetich Material

And then there’s wood. My soul’s favourite material. A versatile and enigmatic piece of nature that we welcome in to our homes.

I’ve devoted myself to artificial aging allowing for natural beauty to shine through before it’s due. I’ve refined my techniques to come up with both mechanical and chemical processes that add special character and verve to the Linden wood that I choose to use. Drawn from the Slovenian heritage, I love to work with this material.

With the handicraft I have developed, the outcome is ever-unique, ever-beautiful, ever-functional. The result is that every item presented for your home is completely unique – there simply is no other product like it.

Erzetich Technology

Whilst focusing on design and creativity, functionality and technology are not left behind. Drawn in to each design is a deep knowledge and understanding of electronics which are then crafted with care in to the individual product, tested, and fitted with precision.

Blaž Erzetič

The Philosophy of Erzetich

Woodland spirit: Everything in nature is made just perfect, equally balanced, it is neither excessive, superfluous, or insufficient. This observation and fact allows us to adapt our designs to be both essential and rich, functional and beautiful, magnificent and humble. As our workshop is in the heart of woodland and nature it makes harmonious sense that Linden wood is our primary material.

Eclectic approach: Drawing on a variety of skills allows a craftsman to extend the scope of known creative techniques, and to develop something new. In our products you can see reflected design, harmony of differing materials, technology, art, pragmatism and usability: a perfect Erzetich brew that leads to a timeless, beautiful, original, yet practical object.

Human touch: Erzetich have deliberately stepped away from the era of impersonal mass production. We add value by opting for a human-led approach to design resting on a foundation of technological knowledge. We know that a handcrafted product contains its very own soul, a living part of the life and work of the creator.

Erzetich d. o. o.
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